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Our new DVD-Rom for sightsinging,
playing by heart, notation and ear training

Master all basic Theory
2 hours of video, 7 exercise pages, and more

Four trainers on Melody & Rhythm
  • Sing What You Seegoto
  • Play What You Heargoto
  • Write What You Heargoto
  • Play What You Seegoto

Build huge ears with Harmony & Tools
  • Harmony Trainergoto
  • Intonation Trainergoto
  • Chord Memorizergoto


See it, Hear it, Play it!
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Our first DVD-Rom program
carrying our company name.
An integrated package!
Covers everything about
Melody, Harmony and Rhythm
for improvisers and songwriters.

• 47 movies using WYSIWYH technology
     What You See Is What You Hear
• 4 hours of video on Harmony and Improv.
• 16 improv. practicing techniques
• 75 exercise pages, highly systematic
• 11 original code-cracking songs
• hundreds of ear training mp3s with
   dictations and Basic Progressions
• Rhythm Gym for in depth training
• II-V-I facilities with clear assignments
• Over 70 FAQs with answers


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For anyone who can read music and wants to know MORE!
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