Classic chord progressions

On this page you'll find a number of collages of songs that use classic chord progressions. They are available for:
Sequences of descending fifths, secondary dominants, modal interchange, Neapolitan and bII chords, diminished chords and tritone substitutions.
At the bottom of the page you'll find some miscellanious material from the internet.

Subject video audio
Sequences of descending fifths mp4 mp3
Secondary dominants mp4 mp3
Modal Interchange mp4 mp3
Neapolitan chords and bII mp4 mp3
Diminished chords mp4 mp3
Tritone substitutions mp4 mp3

How to work with these files?

We advise to:
Watch the movie passively and pay attention to the highlighted chords;
Try to play the chords on the piano and sing the melody (tempo and voicings are not a priority), using the movie with the pauze button
Play the chords and the melody on the piano (or on the guitar if you are a guitarist)
Use the mp3 and reproduce or transcribe the chords and melody by ear.
Sing the argeppios of the chord progressions


The four chord songs.

Dozens of hit songs were made with the II IV I V chord progressions. Check out these funny movies from the Axis of awesome and RipTard.

The Starway to heaven lawsuit

Ever heard about the lawsuit about the Stairway to heaven chord progression? It's all about a minor chord with a descending bass line (what I like to call a line clichee). This movie shows that the guys from Led Zeppelin weren't the only one who used it.