Welcome to the Virtual Music School!

Our software for music education can help you to learn easier and faster with surprising musical results. This teacher offers you crystal clear explanations, examples, exercises, play-alongs and has endless patience. Check out our jingle!

Both programs we offer have their own holy trinity:

Fundamentals = Ears + Eyes + Fingers

The Fundamentals program covers all interactions between ears, eyes and fingers. You learn to read and write sheet music, find the way on your instrument from both sound and paper, and train your ears in several ways.
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VMS = Melody + Harmony + Rhythm

The Virtual Music School program (VMS) covers all interactions between Melody, Harmony and Rhythm. It is a candy store for songwriters and improvisers. You learn all about phrasing in the musical language.

This program was our first product, that’s why our company is named after it. It was made for the first year students of the Jazz & Pop department of Utrecht Conservatory, but proved to work for eager learners outside a school as well.
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Multimedia to the max

By combining our experience in teaching music with today's multimedia you have a teacher at your disposal with infinite patience: it's a teacher you can rewind. The movies below offer a good overview of our approach of music teaching:

  • - General Introduction
  • - Educational Concepts
  • - Ear Training Concepts