Voice leading

Voice leading is the base of harmonic craftsmanship, it has developed over centuries. To transfer this knowledge, composers and teachers have developed sets of rules. Whole books are written about it, but to keep it simple the most important rules are condensed to only one page. An instruction video shows you how to apply these rules in the 20 available exercises. The idea is that you do these exercises, make mistakes, and discuss the improvements with your teacher. That’s the only way to learn it! The exercises were developed for students of the Utrecht Conservatory in The Netherlands, but external participators who like some guidance can also contact info@virtualmusicschool.


Instruction video of the voice leading rules in Dutch

Instruction video of the voice leading rules in English

PDF containing the page with rules (p1 in Dutch, p2 in English) plus the 20 exercises

Logic file containing the exercises for those who own the program and want to work on it at home (Mac only). You may need to download missing samples! Alternatively you can use Sibelius or Finale.

MuseScore file containing the same exercises in MuseScore format (free program). The assignments have no chord symbols, since MuseScore makes them sound, and that's not what we want.

Save your teacher some time by using this checklist for each exercise: